Installation instructions

libShiva depends on the following packages:

Make sure you have these libraries installed. Then unarchive the shiva package:

$ tar -xzf libShiva-0.1.1.tar.gz

Browse into libShiva folder:

$ cd libShiva-0.1.1

And invoke standard automake installation commands:

$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install

Hot to compile libShiva programs

In order to use libShiva API, you should add the following #include statements at the beginning of your C++ file:

  #include <OpenCC/OpenCC.h>
  #include <Shiva/Shiva.h>

Additionally, if you do not like adding Shiva:: namespace name in front of every libShiva class name, use the following namespace directive:

  using namespace Shiva;

Along with libShiva a shiva-config script will be installed which outputs the compile flags and libraries that your program must link to when using libShiva.

To compile your program, simply run g++ with your input files and the shiva-config output passed:

$ g++ -o shivatest shivatest.cpp `shiva-config --cflags --libs`